Nourishing Passions

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Vanilla Extract Nourishing Passions

Second only to my beloved cinnamon, vanila extract is possibly the most frequently used flavoring agent in my kitchen. Compared with store-bought versions, making vanilla extract at home costs less per serving (approximately 5 times cheaper), evades the chemicals and questionable manufacturing processes, and only takes a few minutes to make.

All that is needed is:

  • Vanilla beans (purchase locally or online–different beans produce slightly different flavors)
  • Alcohol (I’ve used vodka but brandy or rum can be substituted), and
  • Patience (it takes about 3 months for the flavors to fully infuse)

Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe:

Homemade Vanilla Extract
Prep time

Total time


DYI Vanilla Extract
Recipe type: DIY
Cuisine: Vanilla Flavoring

  • 15 Vanilla Beans
  • 1 Bottle Vodka (can substitute other alcohol such as brandy, rum or bourbon)
  • Glass jars

  1. Slice vanilla beans lengthwise and place in glass jars. Top with vodka and shake up. Store in cool dark place for 2-3 months to infuse. Shaking periodically will help speed the infusion process.



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