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Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter Nourishing Passions

I’m not a super picky eater, but there are a few things I have a hard time with texture-wise. And coconut is one of them. I LOVE the flavor, but not so much the texture. I have always loved pina coladas, coconut cream pudding, coconut milk, coconut water, coconut flour…. But the flaky stuff, not so much.

The great news (for me) is that there are plenty of ways to alter the texture and still attain all the benefits! Coconut has nutritional elements of both nuts and fruit which gives it potential for a wonderful spread as well as an excellent balanced profile of lauric acid, protein, and fiber (not present in oil, milk, water derivatives).

Solution: Alter the texture by blending a rich, flavorful, chunky, fruity nut resulting in a rich, creamy, smooth, drippy nut butter.

Making Coconut Butter is similar to making other nut butters (ie. peanut, almond, pecan, etc), but there is a distinct difference: Coconut is a bit more resistant to “butterizing” due to higher water content. Essentially you just throw the stuff into a food processor or blender and let it do its thing, but it might not blend up quite as easily as the others….

There are several ways of combating this (not always necessary, but helpful):

  • Toast the coconut prior to blending (this will dry it out a bit, but also give it a “toasty” flavor)–just put in oven at 350 until light brown.
  • Add coconut oil (offsets the water: oil balance more favorably).
  • Make sure the food processor is nearly full (if not full enough it will mostly spit up coconut around the side of the bowl rather than blend together)
  • Stop & scrape. Repeat a whole lot of times.

    It will eventually run smooth I promise!

    It will eventually run smooth I promise!

My local co-op sells this wonderful stuff premade for $11/ jar. I made a comparable jar for just over $4 from unsweetened bulk coconut.

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Coconut Butter
Prep time

Total time


Blended coconut makes for a wonderfully nourishing and decadent dessert spread!
Recipe type: Misc
Cuisine: Spread/Snack
Serves: 16

  • 4 cups desiccated coconut (unsweetened dried coconut)
  • An awesome food processor

  1. Toast coconut at about 350 for 15 minutes until it smells toasted & starts to brown (optional)
  2. Blend in food processor scraping down the sides periodically.
  3. Be patient! This can take anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on your machine, but it’s well worth the wait!

Coconut butter will be drippy and runny when first make, but will solidify if temps are below 70 F. Simply heat for drippy consistency. It will harden like a candy coating if added to cold foods (ie frozen bananas…mmmmm)

Nutrition Information
Serving size: 2 T Calories: 200 Fat: 19 Carbohydrates: 7 Sugar: 0 Fiber: 3 Protein: 2 Cholesterol: 0


What do you DO with your Coconut Butter?

Glad you asked–after licking the blades (disclosure-I am not recommending this and absolve myself of any responsibility should you end up with a cut tongue….just saying odds are, you’re going to so be careful), pour it into a jar. Later on you can use it:

  • As a topping for pancakes in place of syrup
  • Blended with frozen bananas & pineapple for a homemade pina colada flavored ice cream
  • Straight out of the jar with a spoon
  • As a “candy coating” or topping
  • As an ingredient in homemade desserts
  • In a smoothie
  • Substitute for peanut butter
  • My personal favorite: Topping roasted butternut squash (pictured below)
  • Check out this post for 20 different ways to use coconut butter!
  • Roasted Kabocha Squash topped with Homemade Coconut Butter

    Roasted Kabocha Squash topped with Homemade Coconut Butter


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29 Thoughts on “Coconut Butter

  1. I really love coconut butter…but it does not love me. I can eat it in small amounts (my favorite is used as an icing on coconut flour muffins or donuts), but more than a little bit, and my stomach is NOT happy.

    • It’s very decadent so I think a little bit goes a long way. I’ve definitely overdone it!….then of all the things I’ve ‘overdone’ in my life, that was always one of the better ones….

  2. yes! This looks amazing!! I am a huge coconut fan. Thanks for sharing Beth!
    xoxo, Jordan

  3. Angela on May 5, 2013 at 7:22 pm said:

    Wow, I never would have thought to make this. Thank you for sharing…New Follower. You can find me painting, decorating and baking on HickoryTrail

  4. Looks tasty! I haven’t ever made coconut butter before, but you make it look easy. I bet this would be a healthy addition to my daughter’s smoothies! Off to pin this… :)

    Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday!

  5. Becca on May 6, 2013 at 8:58 pm said:

    Sounds really good! I like coconut. :)
    Thanks for linking-up at A Humble Bumble each week. :)

  6. Coconut is not one of my favorites, thought did buy the butter once just to try it, but it had a strong coconut taste to it and I end up gettting rid of it, that hurt b/c it was not cheap. But I am glad that it works for you a lot of ppl use it.

  7. Looks easy enough and I bet it’s tasty! Thanks for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday

  8. Didn’t know. I think I’d like topping the pancakes.Thank you for the tip and recipe.
    Consider yourself hugged,

  9. I love the idea of making coconut butter with the flakes. I don’t like the texture either, but I like the flavor! Thanks for linking up at the Tried and True Party!

  10. I have inadvertently made this…..I was trying to grind my own coconut flour……oh, well. I’ve been mixing into my granola recipes. Stopping by from Fluster Buster’s – have a great week!!

    • Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to
      this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new
      to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll
      be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  11. This looks great…thanks for sharing! This would be perfect to link-up to my new series – “Create It Thursday.” It’s live now!

  12. I’ve never heard of coconut butter. Sounds quite interesting. thanks for sharing. Have a very happy Mother’s Day & have a great weekend. Hailing from Friendship Friday. Very nice to meet you.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a very special Mothers Day Weekend and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  14. I love coconut! Thanks for the great tip on adding oil, I’ll have to try that next time I make coconut butter. Thank you for sharing with Natural Living Monday. I hope you join us agian this week!

  15. We are just getting into using coconut more. Thanks for sharing this great recipe on Tuesday Greens!

  16. What a great idea – I can’t wait to try it. I LOVE coconut butter on fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas). Thanks for posting?

  17. This looks great. I have never tried to make it before. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Blog Hop. We can’t wait to see what you have for us this week. The party starts at 8:00PM tonight.
    Debi and Charly

  18. Wow! This is great! Coconut butter is so expensive in the store. This would be a great addition to 5-Ingredient Mondays (, if you’re interested :)

  19. Thank you for sharing at Healthy 2day Wednesdays! You’ve been featured this week!

  20. Making your own coconut butter? Brilliant! This is news to me! Thanks so much for sharing this how-to post. I know so many people are crazy for coconut butter. I love it in smoothies. Thanks for sharing it at Raw Foods Thursdays.


  21. How smart!! Great post! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Cindy from

  22. Thanks, this is a great idea. I have tons of organic dessicated coconut that I am putting in all kinds of things and in some the texture is a tad problematic. (There is so much savings in buying bulk) This was just what I was looking for.

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